Deciduus & Santie

23 Main Road, Tirau


Deciduus and Santie is a Fine Art Gallery and Plant Boutique based in Tirau, New Zealand and proudly owned & operated by Santie Cronje and her horticulture partner, Shane Berger, since May 2018. A beautifully curated space in an old historic building, showcasing a mix of Art, Ceramics, Handmade Gifts and Indoor Plants. Santie works with a very small group of artists and makers and enjoys the art of curating the artworks and plants together in one space. 

"We love our little building with its creaky wooden floors. She is a hundred years old and still looking fine. I spend my days in the gallery re shuffling pieces, packaging plants or curating the featured artist shows we regularly exhibit in the front room. On days when I'm in my home studio painting, Shane is in the gallery getting his hands dirty, looking after the growing collection of Indoor Plants that we sell in store and online throughout New Zealand. It really is a labour of love and people often comment on the peaceful energy when they step inside." Santie

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