Blue Vase / Original / Harbour Hospice 2022

Santie Cronje


This original artwork has been donated to Harbour Hospice for their annual fundraiser from 2 - 6 June. 100% of the sale will go towards Hospice.
For more information and to support or go the event, visit their website here.

"Blue Vase - Helebore & Wild Mushrooms"
  by Santie Cronje is a smaller sized Original Acrylic on canvas.
“Mushrooms were the roses in the garden of that unseen world, because the real mushroom plant was underground. The parts you could see - what most people called a mushroom - was just a brief apparition. A cloud flower.”― Margaret Atwood

Size: (h)250mm x (w)250mm on stretched canvas, ready to hang.
Signed: Yes 

SKU: SC12-8 TAG: Floral

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