Find your way

Santie Cronje



This artwork is available at Inspirit Gallery, Tamahere. 

"Find your way"  is a medium sized Original Acrylic on canvas. 

"Find your way" is a play on the game of 'Blind man's buff' or nowadays called 'You're it' and it is a light hearted piece with a deeper message.

The title 'Find your way' was a message to myself to trust my inner voice and look within as I bravely step into what I've called a time of Flux. The painting style a lovely mix of loose suggestive brush strokes with the more detailed renditions from my earlier work.

Size: (h)460mm x (w)460mm on stretched canvas, ready to hang.
Signed: Yes 

SKU: SC2-1-2 TAGS: Animals, The Storyteller

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