'My Serenity' 2014 | SOLD

Santie Cronje


'My Serenity' is a larger original painting on canvas. 2014

'Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like' Lao Tzu

This is an older work from my personal collection. Some works I am more emotionally connected to and this piece is one of them.

The story behind this piece is about leaving your homeland and finding your heartland. As a migrant I will always miss my homeland but in time I found piece and serenity in my second home which I call my heartland, because the journey of acceptance and embracing the new land is a timely journey that starts from within. 

I left my country of birth on a sailing adventure in 1998 (not quite knowing it would be the last time I would permanently live in South Africa) The little yacht we sailed on was called The Hummingbird. The flowers I painted were a mix of flowers to show my French Dutch heritage but also flowers from my new home in Cambridge New Zealand (at the time I painted the piece) The helebore flower, a symbol of protection was chosen for that reason and it happened to grow outside my front door. 

The mountain in the distance is Mount Mauao (at Mount Maunganui) and his place of rest and his story in Maori mythology is just so beautiful. A sentinel with a sad heart now proudly protecting the area.

Medium: Acrylic on board
Size: (h) 760mm x (w) 760mm
Signed: Yes, signature and date

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