The Matriarch 'huia-ariki /Original

Santie Cronje



"The Matriarch" huia-ariki, Mother of all, by Santie Cronje.
She is the female huia-ariki guarding over new life and new potential... and protecting all positive energies. She is fierce and pure, she is ancient and all knowing. She is 'Earth Mother'.

The 'Mother and Child' iconography images were used as inspiration for this piece. See image 4.

The huia-ariki were extremely rare huia birds,  displaying a brownish rather than greenish-black plumage, banded with grey, contrasting patches of dark feathers on the head and neck. Huia-ariki were thought to have been a form of albinism or old age.

The white huia (ariki means chief or high priest in Maori) symbolizes Purity and Wisdom. 

Dimensions: (h)610mm x (w)610mm
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang.
Signed: Signature and Date

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