Huia Ariki / Original Acrylic

Santie Cronje



"Huia ariki" by Santie Cronje

This larger piece showcases Huia ariki transforming into the world of creativity and design. His spirit is kept alive through the artist's hands. The head and torso is painted in a more realistic way and his wings and tail feathers are transformed into linear design. He is now part of both our world and the other world. He has become an immortal being.

The feathers surround him like a shield of protection and he carries in his beak the string of protection and connection. 

Dimensions: (h)760mm x (w)760mm
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang.
Signed: Signature and Date

SKU: 1105-1-1 TAGS: Huia, Bird Art

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