Unfolding View | SOLD

Santie Cronje


"Unfolding View"  by Santie Cronje is a 'One-Off' Digital photo painting on canvas custom framed in an angled frame with dull gold and dark olive hues.

I photographed a landscape painting in its early stages as I loved the textures and marks. The digital image was then overlayed with an image of a folded sheet and the result a Surreal landscape appearing to be three dimensional until you get up close and see the illusion unfold.


Exclusive 'One-Off' Each artwork is printed as a one-off with no other editions available. 
Framed Size: (w)660mm x (h)455mm x (d)55mm
Signed: Yes 
Medium: Ink on Canvas

SKU: SC06-08 TAGS: Photo Art, Dreamscape, Framed Print

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