'Wild at heart' 2014

Santie Cronje


'Wild at heart' was painted in 2014 and this painting and an important work that combines my South African heritage with New Zealand, where Ive lived for over 23 years. On the top left corner is the Cape sugarbird and Protea, native to Southern Africa. Moving towards the centre with the Sprinbok and Cape orchid representing my country of birth. The bottom right corner is all New Zealand with the beautiful fantail bird perched on native Pohutukawa. 

A nod to the Dutch influence in both South Africa and New Zealand with the historical Semper Augustus broken Tulips that were at the heart of the tulipmania in Holland. The boat in the distance suggesting my sailing journey but also emigrating to New Zealand in 1999.

This artwork has been professionally framed in dark wood with a slight red trim. An elegant curve makes it the perfect fit.

Framed Dimensions: (h)770mm x (w)610mm

Medium: Acrylic on board, framed and ready to hang.

SKU: SC817

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