An Artist Journey

Life & Art... there is no seperation between the two. It is all so connected.

South Africa & New Zealand

A visual storyteller, Santie Cronje’s paintings are closely connected to her life experiences. Originally from South Africa, New Zealand has been home for 23 years.

Santie studied Art as a major subject in High School and completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) in 1994. A Galleried Artist since 2008, Santie has exhibited her work in numerous Solo Exhibitions and Group Shows throughout the Country. Her work is held in Private Collections in New Zealand and abroad.

For the past 18 years Santie has captured her travel and life experiences in an ongoing whimsical series using birds, boats and the ‘travelling girl’ to share her stories of Migration, settling into a New Land and remembering the Sailing Journey that eventually brought her to New Zealand in 1999 in a round about way. 

2019 brought change... and it wasn't just Covid

The Landscape - a new Muse

I didn't intentionally change, it was rather a strong calling to paint what I truly love... Nature.

Art flows onto canvas...

Since Covid Santie’s work has undergone a shift, her evolving style closely resembling her paintings before she travelled to New Zealand.

‘It feels like I have come full circle with my work, but with the added years of practice and a more settled mind, I am very excited to follow along and to see where the brush will take me'.

Her current body of work is very present and heavily influenced by her beautiful Waikato surroundings. ‘Being in the moment and staying present, I am allowing the mark making to be as authentic as possible as I am compelled to capture the Essence of Nature’. Santie

Shoutout Colorado

A big thank you to the 'Shoutout Colorado' for the feature in their International Magazine. You can read more about my Creative Journey and why I do what I do.

Santie Cronje CV | Taupo Artist NZ

Exhibition News & History 2016 - 2023

June 'Taupo Art Trail' Kings Birthday Weekend

October - Rejoining Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge
Group Show (Deciduus & Santie | June)
Group Show (Hospice Orewa Fundraiser | June)

Solo Show 'Whispers of the Heart' - The Mandarin Tree. (Online due to Covid)
Photographic Show 'Pause & Reflect' - Deciduus & Santie (Online due to Covid)
Birthday Show - 'Walk with Me' at Deciduus & Santie - Tirau NZ.

Duo Show 'Rhythm in Form' with Diane Parker - Deciduus & Santie, Tirau, NZ.
Group Show 'Monochrome' - The Mandarin Tree, Gordonton, NZ.
Solo Show 'Fragile Lands' - Quirky Fox, Hawera, NZ (went online due to COVID)

Duo Show 'Echo' with Claudia Aalderink - The Mandarin Tree, Gordonton NZ.
Group Show 'Land & Sea' - Deciduus & Santie, Tirau NZ
Group Show 'Lepus Fantasticus' - Deciduus & Santie, Tirau NZ
Duo Show 'Connections' with Diane Parker - Deciduus & Santie, Tirau NZ.

Group Show 'Joy' - Deciduus & Santie, Tirau NZ.
Group Show '12 Artists for Christmas' - Quirky Fox, Hawera NZ.
Group Show 'Awakening' - Deciduus & Santie, Tirau NZ.
Group Show 'The Forest Floor' - Deciduus & Santie, Tirau NZ.
Gallery Inaugural Show 'Nature' - Deciduus & Santie, Tirau NZ.
Opened Deciduus & Santie - 5 May 2018 - Tirau, New Zealand.

Solo Show - 'A Gentleman's Delight' - Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge NZ. 
Group Show - Quirky Fox Gallery.
Open Studios 'Cambridge Autumn Festival' - Cambridge NZ

Solo Show 'Owl and Pussycat' - The Garden Art Studio, Cambridge NZ

Exhibition History 2008 - 2015

Artist Studio Show 'Winged Tapestries' - Cambridge NZ

Opened Santie Cronje Artist Studio in Cambridge - a working space that was open to the public.
Solo Show 'The Language of Flowers' - The Framing Workshop, Hamilton NZ.
Solo Show 'The Travelling Tulip' - Soul Gallery, Hamilton NZ.

Group Show - Kina Gallery, New Plymouth NZ.
Artist Wall - New Zealand Art Show - Wellington NZ.
Solo Show 'Through Innocent eyes' - Soul Gallery, Hamilton NZ.

Duo Show 'Of Paint and Clay' with Aaron Scythe - Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge NZ.
Artist Wall 'New Zealand Art Show' - Wellington NZ.
Solo Show 'Close to my Heart' - Soul Gallery NZ.
Group Show 'Spinning a yarn' - Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge NZ.

Four Artist Show 'Four Hands tickle me pink' - The Artist's Room, Dunedin.
Three Artist Show 'Something Dreamlike' - Matakana Gallery, Matakana NZ.
Group Show 'Grass Roots' - Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge NZ
Solo Show 'Return to you' - Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge NZ
New Zealand Artshow - Wellington NZ

Show 'Endangered' - Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge NZ.
Three Artist Show 'Three Birds and a Feather' - Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge NZ

Solo Show 'If Godwits couldn't fly' - Inspirit Gallery, Cambridge NZ

Solo Show 'Creative Journeys' - Empire Gallery, Cambridge NZ.
Group Show 'Coasting 2008' - Waikato Artspost, Hamilton NZ.


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