A Soulful Journey through Art

Santie Cronje is a New Zealand Artist who captures moments and memories through visual stories in paint & photography. View her Collections online or visit her Gallery in Taupo.

Fine Art Prints

Fantails and Kingfishers feature in this week's print share. I love fantails especially their social nature and I love the colours of the solitary kingfisher. A bit like life... there are moments where we want to be social and other times we enjoy solitude.

Art Prints available to order for a limited time...

From 2023 my collection of Fine Art Prints will only be available to order during the months of February and March. There will still be a selected collection available throughout the year. 


Shipping NZ $10 & International $35 (Shipping Rates apply only to works sold direct)

"The seeds of creativity was planted early on in my life. I was blessed with creative parents, a strong will and a curious mind".

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Deciduus & Santie

A beautiful Gallery to share my love for Art

Established in 2018 (in Tirau), Santie and her partner Shane recently relocated their beautiful Gallery to the vibrant town of Taupo.

Deciduus & Santie, showcases a Collection of Santie's work, Shane's Indoor Plants and the works of a small invited team of Artists and Makers from around New Zealand.

The Gallery has a strong focus on New Zealand Made Art and Object. Santie is in the Gallery on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday.

Original Paintings

Emotive, Quiet and Peaceful

Capturing the essence of nature

SInce Covid my work has undergone a shift with a change in direction. I love the area that I call home and the countryside is so beautiful and a major source of inspiration.

My painting style has come full circle and resembles my paintings from 20 years ago. I feel invigorated and love the action of painting and being present in the moment, just moving my brush around. Keeping it fresh and allowing the mark making to be as authentic as possible. 

Fine Art Prints

Limited Editions - Museum Grade Quality

Santie Cronje Fine Art Prints are created from her original paintings. The process starts with photographing her original works, then proofing and sizing the images in collaboration with professional fine art printer Lee-Ann Hamilton.

Each print goes through this process before an initial print proof is created to get the edition 'print ready'. The final step is to hand sign and number each print before carefully packaging the work at her Gallery in Tirau. Editions vary from 1 to 150, although most of Santie's prints after 2019 are editioned under 50.

All prints are either Limited Editions or Time Released and the quality is exeptional and printed on 100% cotton rag museum grade paper. The colour life of these prints will exceed 70 plus years in the right conditions. A beautiful art investment to be enjoyed for many years.

Photo Art

Creative Photography and Digital Overlays

Santie's Photo Art images are often one-off photographic prints or very low editions. Santie captures moments in life whilst going for walks in the bush or at the seaside. These images are digitally enhanced or overlayed with painted images and sometimes finished with colour pencils or pastels. 

All photographic prints are exclusively sold through her gallery as the collection is too small to stock represented galleries. The quality is exeptional with cotton rag museum grade paper used. The colour life of these exclusive prints will exceed 70 plus years in the right conditions. A beautiful art investment to be enjoyed for many years.


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