Sakura | St John's College Expo

Santie Cronje


Available at the inaugural Expo 'In the Frame' at St John's College Hamilton from 22 - 24 March.

'Sakura' by Santie Cronje. A heavy textured piece in soft colours, using mainly a palette knife. The colours of cherry blossoms against blue skies the inspiration for this gentle piece. The ceramic vase was a beautiful. 

'Sakura' or Cherry Blossom is the National flower of Japan with beautiful symbolic meaning. It represents beauty, fragility, and the fleeting nature of life. Just like the delicate cherry blossom blooms for a short period each year, our own lives are also transient and precious. 

Size: 845mm x 620mm
Medium: Acrylic on Board in a deep angled white frame.

Exclusive Original 

SKU: SCEv3-2

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